Here at SIAM PROPERTIES we try and take away the stress of you dealing with the various Land Office departments.

Our experienced staff will guide you through the sometimes confusing journey of completing your purchase.

For customers who buy condominiums using the services of SIAM PROPERTIES we offer this service without charge.

Please note:
To rightly own property in Thailand you will need to have the correct documents in your name (Company/ Nominee name) and in your possession.
In Thailand the Title Deed is know officially as “Chanote”.
The Title Deed (Chanote) is the purest form of land or condo ownership. It ensures easy transfer. One original set is kept in the District Land Office where the registration of land transfer takes place, and the other original set is given to the owner of the land. Look for the red colored crest at the head of the certificate.

If you want to talk this through face-to-face as customers often do…just call to make a mutually convenient appointment… HOTLINE TELEPHONE NUMBER +66 89 499 1000.