Although there has been a construction boom in Thailand, it may be somewhat harder to find a house for rent. Pattaya has seen many new condominium and apartment blocks recently completed, but houses are less popular and less common.

The city of Pattaya is not the best place for a house, nor is it the best place to rent. There are so many available properties that sales are generally preferred to renting. However, East Pattaya does offer some opportunity to find a small palace of your own with a reasonable monthly price tag. This can put you far from some of the more important amenities of the city, such as the supermarkets, but it offers a more relaxing pace of life with the knowledge that you are far from the crowds and the potential hazards of the inner-city.

Rented houses in East Pattaya often feature a walled garden with space for a barbecue and sometimes include a swimming pool and a garage. The more facilities you require, the greater the cost will be. However, because land is not at such a premium as it is elsewhere in Pattaya, houses can generally be found for a fraction of the price you would pay in a European country.