There is an exceptional range of properties available around the thriving party-town of Pattaya. An expat’s paradise, the region attracts those interested in a relaxing retirement and those who want to party every day of the week, with properties available for either taste.

Apartments for rent in Pattaya offer direct access to all of the delights of Walking Street, with practically every building being a nightclub or bar. The beach is always lively and the bay always filled with parasailing, jet skiing, power-boating and all sorts of other aquatic activities. There are also nearby supermarkets and other important facilities, meaning that your life need not be a 24-hour a day party – unless you want it to be.

By contrast, Jomtien beach is a far more relaxed and quiet affair. Jomtien’s Beach Road is considerably longer than Pattaya’s and contains a fraction of the activity, making it very easy to find a quiet patch of paradise to enjoy. With so much more space available, there are plenty of apartments for rent in Jomtien, which are still within easy reach of local amenities.

Many of the available apartments for rent in Pattaya or Jomtien are built and furnished to European standards and offer very comfortable living for a very affordable price.