Decoration and construction

Since 1995 we have been involved in the construction of 24 houses and the decoration and renovation of approximately 6000 sq.m. of condos.

All started with our partnership in the development of Swiss Paradise Village, where we still are living as a family and managing the village as well.

Many houses and condos are in prime location but were built years or decades ago when not only the taste was different from what we like today but the availability of building materials was limited as well.

Now we have Homepro, Thai Wasadu, Boontavorn and many more.

We still remember the times when we went to Bangkok to buy stuff from Boontavon as they did not have a branch in Pattaya then.

The advantages of buying an “old” property and refurbish it:

these properties are at locations no longer available or new properties in similar locations are just too expensive because of rising land prices

    -    living areas of new properties are just too small. One bedrooms are 35
         sq.m., studios below 30 sq.m. nowadays and 2 bedrooms 74 sq.m.
         Larger units are not available or you have to combine several units

    -    the sq.m. prices are approximately HALF of the ones in new projects,
         some times even less. Decoration is between 8 000 – 20 000 Baht per
         sq.m. depending what you want

    -    You get have exactly the style and design you like 

    -    As all buildings are “frame work” with no supportive walls it is easy to
         design your individual floor plan

Have  look at the photos. We do not prefer a typical style but plan and design together with the customer. Modern, Minimalist or Thai Bali – YOU will make the choice.

We are well know for our turn-key projects. No matter if it is a new bathroom or a complete remodeling, you don't need to be here but you will get what you want.

Have a look at
here are some ideas how to build a house in Thailand: “Once in a Lifetime- part 1-4”

Property Management: we have our own team of handymen taking care of the rental properties and the village (Swiss Paradise Village) we manage.

They are available for repairs, decoration and remodeling of any house and condo as well. 

Construction: we built several houses for us, for our customers or just took over the supervision on behalf of our customers who were not present, did not want to get involved or just did not have the background and/or language skills to do it themselves.

We complete in time, within the budget and to the satisfaction of our customers!

...and we cannot remember any customer who was not happy with our work and complained about our prices!

Any questions about decoration and construction please contact Heiner under 081 861 19 07 or