Buying a Property in Thailand


DO YOU WANT TO BUY PROPERTY IN AND AROUND PATTAYA? Here at SIAM PROPERTIES we have fully trained staff, a large database of properties and an extensive knowledge of the local real estate market covering Pattaya, Jomtien, Naklua, etc.

SIAM PROPERTIES mediate as Real Estate Agents in the sale, purchase and rental of condominiums, villas, houses, plots of land and commercial businesses, in fact all aspects of Real Estate.

Condo for Sale Pattaya

Buy your own little piece of paradise by looking for a condo for sale. Pattaya has dozens of recently or nearly completed developments to choose from, offering anything from palatial living by the sea to exceptional facilities in the quieter parts of town.

Condo for Sale Jomtien

While less well-known than its noisy northerly neighbour, Jomtien offers a fantastic opportunity to be both near to the action and excitement of Pattaya, but to have somewhere quiet and relaxed to retreat to. With many a condo for sale, Jomtien is the best place to buy right now.


Here at SIAM PROPERTIES we are often asked about how one can legally own property in Thailand…FURTHER INFO…
OK…regarding the foreign ownership situation...
Foreigners can own a condo in their own name and get the title deeds. The Thai government allows foreigners to own up to 49% of a condo development. Once the development has reached the 49% level a foreigner has to use a Thai company or a nominated Thai national (normally their husband or wife) to buy the condo...should he still want to buy in that specific project.


Here at SIAM PROPERTIES we try and take away the stress of you dealing with the various Land Office departments.

Our experienced staff will guide you through the sometimes confusing journey of completing your purchase.

For customers who buy condominiums using the services of SIAM PROPERTIES we offer this service without charge.

Property In Pattaya

There is no more beautiful destination than Pattaya in Thailand. The only thing better than a visit to this expat's paradise, is living here permanently. Prices for property in Pattaya are currently presenting a buyers' market.

Property for Sale in Pattaya

There has never been a better time to purchase property in Pattaya - a beautiful destination in Thailand. The only thing better than a visit is living here permanently. The quantity of available property for sale in Pattaya has reach an all-time high.

East Pattaya houses for sale

Pattaya is a beautiful destination in Thailand. The only thing better than a visit is living here permanently. If you are in the market for your dream home than you need to check this out.

Currently there is many an East Pattaya house for sale, presenting a buyers’ market. The variety of properties for sale is only matched by the myriad of price ranges. From beach hut to Thai mansion, condos and three-bedroom houses, you will be spoilt for choice

Pattaya Properties for Kings and Commoners

Considered playground to both Kings and commoner. Pattaya offers a wide variety of experiences that can be tailored to suit any budget. From its beach culture hazy days to its decadently seedy night life, Pattaya has fast become the ultimate destination to party till you stop. Many are finding that the hardest part about Pattaya is having to leave, opting instead to stay and buy a slice of this paradise.

Property in Paradise

There are no more beautiful destinations than Thailand. The only thing better than a visit is living here permanently. Currently, prices for property in Thailand are presenting a buyers’ market.

Houses for Sale in Tropical Paradise

The only thing better than a visit to Pattaya, Thailand, is living there permanently. Currently the prices of the average houses for sale in Pattaya are presenting a buyers’ market. The variety of properties for sale is only matched by the myriad of price ranges. There has never been a better time to purchase property here.

House for Sale Pattaya

Thanks to a huge boom in residential construction around Pattaya, there is plenty of choice when it comes to looking for a house for sale. Pattaya itself is too crowded to find your own little palace, but there is plenty of opportunity in East Pattaya, with numerous gated communities offering extra-ordinary properties at prices lower than you would pay for a former-council house in the UK.

House for Rent Pattaya

Although there has been a construction boom in Thailand, it may be somewhat harder to find a house for rent. Pattaya has seen many new condominium and apartment blocks recently completed, but houses are less popular and less common.

Condo for Rent Pattaya

For those who want to stay in Pattaya, with direct access to important amenities like supermarkets, but without the noise and commotion of Beach Road, it might be worth looking at a condo for rent. Pattaya has a great range of properties available for rent or purchase, though there is an especially good selection of condos available.

Property in Thailand

Buying property in Thailand does have its various pitfalls, but it has significant advantages, too. The main pitfalls come in the form of vast quantities of bureaucracy to overcome if a foreigner wishes to own property in Thailand. These, however, can be overcome by choosing a reputable, reliable, and experienced land agent.

Property in Pattaya

Thanks to a building boom, there is a great wealth of property in Pattaya available to buy or rent. Built mostly to punishing European and international standards, the range to choose from is enormous. You can find anything from a palace-like house to an executive condominium, with properties available to suit any budget and any requirement.

Property for Sale in Pattaya

Pattaya is a popular and thriving city a short distance south of Bangkok which is both big enough to not be a backwater and small enough for it to be crossed from end to end in about an hour. In this small space is packed a greater density of nightclubs and party spots than anywhere else in Thailand. There is also plenty of property for sale in Pattaya.

Properties for Sale

Buying your own little piece of paradise in Thailand is increasingly easy with masses of properties for sale in Pattaya and Jomtien. An ongoing housing boom has led to supply far outstripping demand, meaning that there is a wide range of different types of properties available across the region, from the quiet back country of East Pattaya to the perpetual party of Beach Road.

Apartments in Pattaya

There is an exceptional range of properties available around the thriving party-town of Pattaya. An expat’s paradise, the region attracts those interested in a relaxing retirement and those who want to party every day of the week, with properties available for either taste.