While less well-known than its noisy northerly neighbour, Jomtien offers a fantastic opportunity to be both near to the action and excitement of Pattaya, but to have somewhere quiet and relaxed to retreat to. With many a condo for sale, Jomtien is the best place to buy right now.

Jomtien Beach is considerably longer than Pattaya’s, making it significantly less busy, though no less enjoyable. You still have the warm waters of the Gulf of Thailand and the golden sands, but without the motorboats and jet skis to dodge. Similarly, there are still bars and cafés along the length of Beach Road, but they are not so overwhelmed with trade and they are not literally every second building. Thanks to the wealth of space, there have been a number of recent condo developments around Jomtien, with others still on-going and yet more in the planning stages. The result of such a glut in the housing market is that prices are currently very low while your options are very broad. Most properties are finished to exacting European standards and offer a wealth of on-site facilities, from gyms and pools, to security and laundry services.