Buying your own little piece of paradise in Thailand is increasingly easy with masses of properties for sale in Pattaya and Jomtien. An ongoing housing boom has led to supply far outstripping demand, meaning that there is a wide range of different types of properties available across the region, from the quiet back country of East Pattaya to the perpetual party of Beach Road.

There are some regulations in place regarding foreign ownership and where the money for a property has come from, so handling a purchase through an established and experienced property vendor is strongly advised. Attempting to go it alone could lead to pitfalls and fines at a later date.

Once the bureaucracy is dealt with, the only difficulty is selecting where to live. The choice of available properties for sale is huge, from landscaped gardens to beachfront condos, palatial houses to spacious apartments. There are properties to suit any budget and any lifestyle, with convenient amenities available throughout the region. Whether you want a quiet and peaceful retirement or an endless party, there is a place in Pattaya for you.