Buying property in Thailand does have its various pitfalls, but it has significant advantages, too. The main pitfalls come in the form of vast quantities of bureaucracy to overcome if a foreigner wishes to own property in Thailand. These, however, can be overcome by choosing a reputable, reliable, and experienced land agent.

The advantages of owning your own home in the Land of Smiles is just that – you have your very own slice of paradise, often available at a very reasonable price. Anything from a palatial house to an enormous condominium is available for less than you would pay for an ex-council house in the UK. Most are built and furnished to exacting European standards, offering years of carefree living in a warm, tropical environment with some of the friendliest people in the world, a broad range of local amenities and Western luxuries widely available.

Properties are widely available across Thailand, though especially in those places which are very popular with tourists, particularly Pattaya. There has been a housing boom in the region in recent years, meaning that there is a lot of excellent quality housing available for very good prices. As demand catches up, however, prices are beginning to rise again.