For those who want to stay in Pattaya, with direct access to important amenities like supermarkets, but without the noise and commotion of Beach Road, it might be worth looking at a condo for rent. Pattaya has a great range of properties available for rent or purchase, though there is an especially good selection of condos available.

Following a huge boom in building, there are several large condo developments either recently completed or in the final stages of construction. It is possible to find exactly what you are looking for in and around Pattaya, with spacious rentals available for almost any budget. There are many in the city itself, though some distance from the beach, while there are others slightly to the north of central Pattaya which offer fantastic views across the bay.

Condo developments in Pattaya are mostly constructed to precise European standards, with furnishings to match, and offer a fantastic range on onsite facilities and security, making them a safe choice whether you are right on the beach or away from the bustle. Prices vary according to size, location, and facilities.