Buy your own little piece of paradise by looking for a condo for sale. Pattaya has dozens of recently or nearly completed developments to choose from, offering anything from palatial living by the sea to exceptional facilities in the quieter parts of town.

Pattaya is the nearest thing to Nirvana for many expatriates because of its lively atmosphere, friendly people, convenient amenities, Western luxuries, low cost of living and a fantastic range of properties available for purchase or rent. With a recent emphasis on the construction of condominium developments, there is a particularly good range of such properties available for sale, offering your own slice of Shangri La.

Most properties are completed to European standards and designs, meaning that the facilities will be familiar and sturdy. Onsite facilities and leisure activities are also completed to exacting standards, ensuring safety, security and an excellent standard of living.

There is some bureaucracy to handle with buying property in Pattaya, but an experienced land agent or real estate company can handle that. With your worries dealt with, you have nothing left to do except enjoy the beach, the fantastic weather and the stress-less lifestyle of the Land of Smiles.